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Located in the heart of Carson Valley, NV, at Kickinauss we have dedicated ourselves to the development of all aspects of breeding AKC Miniature American Shepherds in order to bring you puppies that are sure to gift you and your family with the highest degree of satisfaction and joy for many years to come. From breeding to education and training, while helping you delve into the wonderful world of one of the most well-loved breeds of dogs today, the Miniature American Shepherd, we have you covered. At Kickinauss our mission is to provide top of the line puppies, bred under the strictest guidelines of responsibility and care. It is because of this that you are invited to see for yourself the beauty and breed specific traits of our pups, as you fall in love with the one that could be your next best friend.


One of the first things you will notice when you visit us at Kickinauss is the joy and love each and every one of our puppies are bred with. We love our dogs so much that we put every bit of our heart and soul into breeding them with careful consideration in order to keep them healthy and happy. Additionally all of our puppies come from parents that are genetically tested, DNA, OFAs of hips and elbows, and eye certifications. This is to always ensure you know that your new best friend will be safe from hereditary conditions that could affect the quality of their life. So, welcome to Kickinauss, your most trusted source for Miniature American Shepherds. Take a look around and get to know a bit more about our pups, but remember, you can never have only one!

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