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Our Dams

In my breeding program I only want the best I can get. There are a lot of “ sweet, nice girls” but I want excellent dispositions, temperaments, structure ( so they can play hard without injury) health eye and genetic. A dog is a lifetime family member and good health needs to be there. And to be the best examples I can get of the breed standard. I won’t breed unless they can better the breed and add to the gene pool. And only the offspring that meet this level of expectation are allowed to breed .

I want them nice enough they can win in the breed ring, nice enough to be champion and pass on good genetics. And if they have talents for various dog sports, then I will give them the chance to excel.

Each puppy as it is born and is followed each day is evaluated weekly. Puppies picked to continue in my breeding program are either placed into show homes, or co owned homes or I fall in love, and they grow up with me. Growing up with me means each one is taken into my home and treated individually. Tons of love, snuggling on our bed with us, learning to be crated and potty trained. Yes, I live on a ranch and as such is not fenced. However, we have a little side protected porch with a doggie door off the main bedroom and a small temporarily fence yard off the kitchen. Each puppy learns about the vacuum and a bell on the door to let him out or the doggie door on the patio. They get to learn how to walk on a leash to and from the barn and to ride in the car. They learn about the ducks on the pond and to wade or swim in the pond that is just off the front porch. Most important is learning to come at the sound of a whistle. 100 acres is a lot to hear you yell “come.”


Each dam is an individual and so be sure to read about each girl.





Miniature American Shepherd Female

Born: 01/10/2021

Sire: Champion Destiny’s Kickinauss Eye Candy

Dam: Kickinauss Hot Affaire



Miniature American Shepherd Female

Born: 03/06/2021

Sire: GCH CH Picasso’s Secret Code

Dam: Hampton Hills Secret Hideaway



Miniature American Shepherd Female

Born: 10/22/2020

Sire: Champion Abington's Catch Me If You Can

Dam: Grand Champion Black Lapel of Kickinauss

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