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Our Philosophy

How we do things



At Kickinauss we understand that our future champions have to fulfill a long list of requirements in order to adhere to established breed standards, which is why we place great focus on genetic testing. Doing so ensures that the puppy you receive is devoid of any unwanted characteristics and will not develop congenital illnesses down the line, while providing joy and satisfaction during its entire lifetime, regardless of whether it becomes a prized show dog or is destined to be your family’s pet and beloved companion.

We know that the happiest dogs are those who are healthy and well bred.


If there is one thing Miniature American Shepherd breeders and owners can bank on is that this breed is characterized by its intelligence and its receptivity to training, which is why it is always represented in agility and obedience shows. We begin training our puppies from the day they come into this world, starting with basic socialization and going further as time goes by. Our training ideology is simple, and we believe positive reinforcement is the key to success, which is why we apply it with love to produce stable and well-socialized puppies that can continue to learn and advance as time moves on.



One of the most important parts of our work with Mini American Shepherds is the safe and regulated breeding of our dogs in order to produce the AKC champions of tomorrow, as well as your next best friend.

Backyard breeding represents a world of suffering both for the resulting puppies as well as their parents, which is why, we are dedicated to raising awareness against this unethical practice.


A puppy’s first interaction with humans is a huge step in socialization and we ensure this contact early with visitation sessions. During these visits, puppies are stimulated socially to ensure their stability and good behavior later on.

Before our puppies go to their new homes our volunteers and helpers make sure they are emotionally and socially fit to become your new companion. Because of this effort, training your Mini American Shepherd will be a pleasure.



Parasites and viruses can cause a lot of damage to your puppy’s health which is why we follow a strict vaccination and deworming schedule so your puppy will be as healthy as it can be when you take him or her home with you.


Once you take home one of our pups we will always be around to help with any issues or questions you may have about your newly adopted friend. As responsible breeders you can always count on our expertise and professional guidance in all aspects of your mini’s life, whether it’s about training, showing or breeding, you can be sure we are only one call away and will always be happy to help.


Terri is an absolute gem. Her pups are beautiful and incredibly smart as well. Terri cares so much about these dogs and it shows! Definitely a 5 star breeder. Thank you for my amazing puppy and my new extended family. Can’t wait to begin my journey with Tippet!

~ Kimberly Vine 2020

Terri is absolutely wonderful with the entire puppy process. she knows a wealth of information on the breed, as well as training, and is the exact opposite of a "puppy mill." I would absolutely recommend her.

~ Keith Bland 2020

Terri breeds and raises her puppies right! Highly recommend! And we adore our puppy!!!

~ Sue Halliburton 2019

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