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What is Backyard Breeding & why is it a problem?

Let me explain what back yard breeders are. They are someone who has a girl dog or perhaps a boy and girl. They think they will have just a litter so that the boy dog can know what it is like to breed or the girl dog just have one litter, after all, they have relatives who want a pup. And they think they can make a bit of money while they are at it. After all the big breeders do it why shouldn’t they?

What they don’t understand is the reason reputable breeders charge more for a puppy. All the testing necessary for healthy puppies is done by responsible breeders, not just DNA tests. Not doing so allows the possibility for genetic mess ups, bad hips, and problem eyes.

Backyard breeders often don’t understand proper and necessary socializing in the first 8 weeks, and some don’t even do the correct amount of worming and shots. After all they don’t want to lose money.

When they sell the pups it is without papers and contract. Once that puppy walks out the door they collect their money and shut the door. Done gone.

Now there are some who do part of the above but cut on some of the more expensive requirements. Some breed inferior dogs because they think their pet is special, when is actuality, they are producing pups who deviate from breed standards or have inferior mental makeup.

The old adage, "you get what you pay for" is true. A puppy is an investment, a life time one. Cheap bought is easy to discard.

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