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Bandit is a sweet wanting to please beautiful boy. He loves to hike with his family and play with his 4 legged family. He is a flashy show boy. We have just begun with him. He has a big future ahead of him. As a puppy he was a very fat little boy (mom had a lot of milk) and actually started to became a “swimmer” at about 2.5 weeks of age. He was so fat his little legs went to the sides of him and he was “swimming” to move.

I was told to put him down, that he would never walk right let alone become a champion. And I had a problem. I was willing to do whatever it would take to save him. But I was leaving town for two weeks and couldn’t change my trip. So I talked to my very good friend who was going to take care of everyone. I told her what was involved and our choices. So it is because of Karen who worked with him every day 3x a day. She would tape his little legs so he could not spread them out but had to put them under him to use them. She massaged his legs and watched his food intake.

I kept in touch with her, worried sick. So to this day I owe my friend, Karen, Bandits life. He grew under careful supervision and became not only a normal puppy but a beautiful champion. He is a very very special boy and very special in Karen’s heart. Bandit has gorgeous angles, beautiful side movement, and gorgeous color. He also brings possible small size to the table. His beautiful colored red merle dam is 15” and his grand dam, a pointed red merle is 16” His grand sire is 14”

  • Height 17.5

  • Color – Red Merle

  • DNA clear by testing

  • Clear Eye Cerf

  • Prelims OFA hips Good

  • Elbows normal

  • Champion

  • Social and Flashy

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