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Mojos personality as a puppy was to sit and observe you. He is not silly but the most grounded sweet loving calm boy. He greets all with a dignity reflecting his attitude. He is like a lion with a regal presence. He is an all around family dog, loyal and faithful. He loves to swim in the pond, go on hikes in our Sierras, off leash of course. He loves to herd, working toward his title in between his conformation titles. He is totally at home in agility. He will be working on other titles such as barn hunt, scent work, CGC, and Rally.

Mojo looks like his ancestors, the Australian Shepherd. No little mini, with small bone, round eyes, or prick ears. Once a judge thanked me for bringing to the show a mini that looked like a small Australian Shepherd. 

Mojo has three decedents, boys, showing in the ring, plus many in perfect pre approved pet homes.

As a stud Mojo brings to the table, bone, a true Australian Shepherd head, beautiful side movement, fabulous personality, and a herding instinct. Bred to the right girl he is truly an asset.

  • AKC Grand Champion

  • Color – Red Tricolor, brown eyes

  • Height – 17 3/4

  • DNA Clear by Parentage

  • Clear Eye Cerf

  • Current OFA Hips Excellent

  • Elbows/Patellas Normal

  • Excels in swimming and herding 

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